Todd this was the best day on the river. Gina & I had such a great time both floating such a beautiful river and then catching a 30# wild Chinook!! I am glad I am a swimmer... it was a workout. Your expertise in guiding us to the fishing holes and mastery of maneuvering the boat was impressive. Seeing bald eagles in its natural elements was amazing. My daughter wants to go out soon.
— David

I just want to say thanks to Adaptive Excursions. You guys have saved my life. I don’t know how I could have survived this stage of my life without the time on the water. Being n the water with you guys allowed me to flush away all the depression and the stress of this new life. Being able to share my struggles with someone who has been down the road and came out on top. In my roughest time I would think of Todd telling me to focus on the positives. Greg and Todd are not just incredible people with hearts for other people, they are incredible fishing guides. Reflecting on what fishing and spending time with these guys means to me brings tears to my eyes. Thank you guys and God bless you.
— Garrett

Had an amazing time this morning with Todd going down the Rouge River. He definitely knows what he’s doing going through some of the skethcy parts. He knows when and where to start casting for the steal heads. We had the pleasure to see three bald eagles (two parents and a baby). I would recommend Todd to anyone who want a great guide for going down the river anytime!
— Zachary

I had an epic 4th of July... I was honored as a Veteran to be invited by Adaptive Excursions to go fishing on the world famous Rogue River!!! Wait it gets better... I was able to catch my first Chinook salmon. The fishing was nonstop all day! Todd and Greg, both very experienced guides with endless knowledge, set out to help me enjoy myself and knock out a “bucket list” item ;). I can’t tell you all how impressed and comfortable I was being on the river with these guys. The unique adaptive boat made by Willie’s Boats is just amazing. To hear stories, and learn about wildlife, while simply enjoying the serenity of the outdoors was much needed. Whether you’re disabled or just looking to get out on the river, Adaptive Excursions knows how to adapt to your needs! Not to be a spoiler but they will be all throughout the northwest very soon on you local rivers looking to get you on the river.

Check them out, truly inspirational to see what these guys do for all of us. Thank you!!!
— Keith