Todd & MISTY LOGAN: Two PEOPLE with a NEW purpose

With a specially designed Willies drift boat and a lifelong friendship, Adaptive Excursion founder, Todd Logan along with his wife Misty Logan are on a mission to give people with mobility challenges and wounded veterans the chance to smell the river rapids again.

Born with a rare form of congenital bone fusion, Todd Logan was faced with a life altering reality in late 2014. After dealing with a lifetime of injuries he would need to have his right leg amputated from the knee down. Not one to let the loss of his leg slow him down, he decided to make his passion his job and became a licensed fishing guide. 

Driven by his desire to be the best fishing guide, he sought out the best boat available. He decided to attend the Pacific Northwest Sportsmen's Show, hoping to find an ocean fishing boat but instead he found a drift boat that would change his direction. An 18 ft Willie's handicap accessible driftboat with a rear transom and locking system for wheelchairs, powerchairs, and/or normal seats.  Knowing he needed to learn more about the driftboat, Todd walked into Willie Boat and had the opportunity to meet Jim Bittle.  This was the moment his job became a mission and an amazing partnership began.

Todd and Misty have had the pleasure of sharing the program's beginning with many veteran's, their families, the displaced youth and a wide range of disabled individuals who may have never experienced fishing or the a river quite the way they did as spending a day with Todd.  From the start of the day, they are informed of the boat features and given a safety talk about the river and the conditions for the day.  Each person processes this information either with excitement or some hesitation.  Once the boat has launched, the changes begin.  Hesitation becomes excitement, fears are overcome, and the day takes on a whole new meaning.  The simple act of fishing teaches and rehabilitates on a level no one expected to happen within a short amount of time.  Yet, everyone who has experienced a day like this, steps off the boat knowing they are a changed person. This is the foundation that allows these individuals the ability to build on a better future.

Everyone deserves a safe and secure way to enjoy the river without limitations.  Todd is able to offer their expertise in fishing and other outdoor excursions to those who thought they would never have the chance again.  Just as the motto says:

We're all in the same boat

"I know for the split second when I make a cast, there's a moment when I forget I don't have a leg. It's a split second of relief from how much it affects you."